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Hey There!

I'm Lorin & I am super excited that you have come across our site.

A few things about me:

  • I am a woman of faith who finds freedom in expressing herself through creativity.

  • I value family.

  • Through the last few seasons of life, I found tremendous enrichment through sisterhood.

  • My soul is warmed through the aroma of candles, Arnold Palmers, & taco salad!

  • I am an advocate for mental health.

Ooohhh, I also have a strong desire to learn how to play my guitar!

My Story

I had a desire to use creativity to highlight the many traits of God when I started Creative Attributes in March 2021. However, I felt as if something was missing from what God was leading me to do.

After a brief downtime of refreshing, refocusing, and recreating, I discovered how difficult it is as a woman to strengthen our connection with God when we choose to nurture one area of wellness while neglecting the rest.


It was at that point that God revealed to me that I am not just zealous about my faith and creativity, but also about my overall well-being and the well-being of women.

As a result, the mission of Creative Attributes has shifted to a focus on


wellness, uniqueness, and sisterhood


The spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being of women is at the heart of what Creative Attributes is all about.



Notebook and Fountain Pen

I'm not here to teach you, but to learn alongside you as we navigate life's seasons.

Together let's nurture ourselves from the inside out. "