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Terms & Conditions

We strive to do business with a spirit of excellence. Everything you see on our website is individually designed, printed, hand-pressed, and packaged, & shipped with care.  


We value your business, your design needs, and the opportunity to create for you.  


Whether you place an order through our store or we custom design please take time to read our terms & conditions.

I understand that Creative Attributes is a faith-inspired business. All of the items are designed to empower, uplift, and encourage people. Negative, abusive, or hateful custom orders will not be allowed.

I understand that if I require an item outside of the processing and delivery timeframes, I will be charged a rush fee.

I understand I have 24 hours to cancel an order.

I understand it is my responsibility to provide the full and correct name and address details.

I understand that processing time ranges from 7 to 14 days, and shipping times are determined by USPS shipping schedules.

I understand my orders include a tag with how to love my garment instructions & will adhere to them to ensure the product's long-term viability.

I understand it is my responsibility to review all details regarding my custom order.

I understand that Creative Attributes does not accept any refunds or returns.

I understand that custom orders require a  deposit before they can be processed. Deposits go towards the remaining balance. The invoice must be paid before the item is shipped.

I understand that excellence is an important value to Creative Attributes and I am encouraged to contact them if for some reason I am unhappy with my order.

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